Update of the results

We have updated the results. If you see any mistakes please contact me on orienteering4all@webspeed.dk
See you next year

We are working on getting the results correct after the camp. We appologize the trouble it has accured. Hope to see you Again in Denmark Next year.
See you in one year
Bulletin 3 is updated

The Bulletin 3 is updated. We have added the amount of controls on every course.
Final entry is closed.
See you tomorrow
Bring warm clothes

It looks like it will be sunny during the MTBO camp. But at the same time it will be cold. Bring your warm clothes, gloves and hat.
See you tomorrow
The maps are ready

Finally the maps are ready for the camp. We are at the moment packing all the equipment for the camp, it fills a little more than my Ford Ka can handle. The prices for the lottery has also arrived today. I looks like we will be ready in time.
See you in 3 days
To days to the camp

There is only two days until the camp starts. The weather forecast looks promissing. But bring warm clothes, it is the windy part of Denmark, but also one of the most beautiful areas of Denmark.
See you in two days
Bulletin 3 is ready

The last Bulletin is ready. We hope that all the information you need will be there.
Look out for changes in the program:
Night race: Everybody can start from 1900, but gets a time penalty on 15 min.First start is moved to 2115.Cool kids can start from 1900.
At the masters in Vandet the first start will be at 1100.
Start list will be available latest tuesday evening.
See you in 3 days
Maps are being printed now

The huge job to print all the maps for the camp has started tonight. Erik Flarup is working hard to get them the right colours and to make the turnover courses correct.

See you in 6 days
Cool kids can start from 1900 at the night race

The Cool kids can start from 1900 at the night race at Fjerritslev.

Looking forward to see a lot of cool kids next week.
Meeting with forest owners today

Today we had a meeting with the forest owners. They have finally given the permission at the state forest for our races. It has taken us 9 months to get the final permissions. It is clear that they will control if we follow the rules during the MTBO CAMP. SO NO OFF TRACK RIDING.

So we would like to ask you to follow the rules during the MTBO CAMP.

There will be taken pictures around some of the controls before and after the races to see how much our races will affect the tracks.

See you in one week
Meeting for the Danish participants

Husk der afholdes møde under MTBO campen i campingpladsens cafeteria fredag d. 28 apr i tidsrummet 1700-1800.
På dette møde skal vi snakke om fremtiden for MTBO i Danmark, samt skovaftaler.
MTBO udvalget er vært ved en sandwich, samt en kop kaffe eller øl.
Af hensyn til bestilling af sandwich skal tilmelding til mødet på fam.hausner@gmail.com ske inden d. 22 april.
Det ville være dejligt at så mange af jer ville støtte op om dette møde. Man bliver ikke booket til at arrangere, tegne kort eller andet. Men bare mød op, giv din mening og eventuelle forslag til framtiden for MTBO i Danmark.
Vi ses til mødet.
Different courses at the Women Elite and Men Long

Normally the two classes Women elite and Men long do the same courses. But due to the number of participants in those two classes and to save waiting time at the start, we have split them into two different courses.
The Men Long are about 100 participants, so go to the start as soon as you are ready.
See you soon.
Masters races at the Camp

The two races that will count for the Masters will be the Race at Vandet thursday the 27th and the race at Uhrehøj the 29th of April. There will be startlist at both races. More information at Bulletin 2, which will be ready in 14 days.
See you in April
Entering the camp

When you enter the camp at final entry. You will get a reply at your mail box. This means that we have received your entry, but you will not get on the list before you have paid the entry fee.
See you in April
New program for the camp

26 April: Night race Fjerritlev
27 April: Vandet (Masters) and Vilsbøl
28 April: Svinkløv and Kollerup
29 April: Uhrehøj (Masters)
30 April: Vester Thorup and surroundings
See you in April
Final Entry ready

You can do your final entry now. Click on Final entry list and registre your self.

Excample: You are a Men 60 driver and want to participate in the World master, but want to do the rest of the camp in Men Long. Just registre your self in Men Long and chose Men 60 in World Masters. Then we will take care of it all during the camp.

Only registre yourself once. Some of you are already registret several times on the final list.
You are on the final list, when we have received the payment.
See you in April
Dining at the CAMP

The camping site has made an offer for the dining at the MTBO CAMP. Look under Camp info.
See you in April
Ultra long distance map is ready

The map for the Ultra long distance is ready. More than 130 km of tracks has been driven and mapped. Some areas with complexed tracks and areas where the pedal must be put to the metal.
Look forward to one of the most beautiful wiews in Denmark during your race. Bulbjerg.
See you in April
Visit Jammerbugten

Visit Jammerbugten has offered their support in helping you getting accommodation during the camp. We have created two links on this website, for you to find accommodation and to see whats going on in this region of Denmark.
See you in April

If you need accommodation during the camp. I have a summerhouse for 6 persons, only 2,5 km from the event center. It is for rent, 600 dkr pr day, all inclusive. (Heat, Water, Electricity.)
If you are interested, contact me on orienteering4all@webspeed.dk
See you in April
EMIT touch free

During the MTBO CAMP 2017 we will be using the EMIT touchfree units. You have to give up your number at the Final entry when it is ready. If you do not have a EMIT touch free unit, you can rent one from us. More news about that in the Bulletin 2.
See you in April
Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 is on its way. It will be released in a few days. The mappers are now planning which weekends they are moving to Fjerritslev to update the maps. Look forward to some interesting training.
Happy new year.
See you in April
News Accommodation Keys for the huts

All 6 pers huts and 4 pers huts are sold out. The only thing left is 22 of the small huts without shower.
Please sent a mail to info@klimstrand.dk for booking one of the cabins at Klim Strand Camping with information your name, address and telephone number and also the numbers of persons you are coming. When you order a hut, use the word MTBO 2017
It will be possible to do the Night race before entering the Camping. Keys will be ready after the race.

See you in April
Ferry Denmark-Sweden

The mass start for the Ultra long distance will be at 0800. This gives the participants from Sweden a chance to reach the ferry Frederikshavn-Gøteborg at 1400. And to reach the ferry Frederikshavn-Varberg 1420.
See you i April

Look under Camp INFO to see the offer that the camping site offers you. All accommodation is between the participant and the camping site. The organisers of the camp will have the camp office at the camping site.
When you order a hut, use the word MTBO 2017.

Please sent a mail to info@klimstrand.dk for booking one of the cabins at Klim Strand Camping with information of which type of cabin you want to order, your name, address and telephone number and also the numbers of persons you are coming.

See you in April

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